Think Critically: The Hermit Blog is a step aside from my primary purpose here.

While this website’s primary focus is on ‘essentially true’ experiences & observations about a life being lived as a Hermit, despite having to do so in a sea of human riff raff, the mostly-retired Blogger in me simply can’t resist opining, from time to time, about matters that affect all of us out here that are forced to share space on this spinning little blue ball in the cosmos.

Think of this space as my outlet for offering up my two and a half cents worth on such matters as news, politics, and culture.

You know what they say about opinions right? That they are like assholes, that everyone has one, and that they all stink? Yeah, well, these are mine and you can do with them as you wish.

[Note to readers:]
In my youth I voted with the left. In my middle years I voted with the right. Now a senior, I have lived long enough to understand that they both suck. I am proudly Independent now, but given the rise of Socialists in this country don’t get your undies in too much of a bundle when you see me siding with anyone that isn’t them.

No Country For Old Americans

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Forgive my cribbing of the title of a very good movie with a theme not unlike that which confronts America these days. It is impossible, now, to even try to take seriously the newly seeded Congress and its shameless embrace of the rising socialist class. Even as the national call amongst twenty and thirty-somethings to push the United States into the socialism abyss grows exponentially, there seems to be almost no resistance. We truly have become No Country For Old Americans.
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